Now diagnosing Autism and providing standardized testing services

Sonnenberg Consultants provides individualized treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  Our comprehensive services include ASD diagnosis, standardized testing and therapy at our newly designed facility.  We combine behavior management techniques with clinically appropriate skill acquisition modalities and immediately generalize into the natural environment to help clients reach their maximum potential.

Our Program

Along with our traditional home-based ABA therapy model, we offer center based services, giving us the opportunity to challenge each client by systematically moving them through the Generalization Leveling System to achieve mastery in their programming.  Our ultimate goal for each child is to provide the least restriction environment while challenging them to move to the next level.   Clients are also given opportunities to blend levels as staff deems appropriate and a ratio of 1:1 is adhered to at each level.


Level 1 –

For high need clients who need a maximum support, we use treatment rooms that are both reinforcing and distraction free to maximize learning.  We keep in mind the clients sensory system as well as their behavioral and cognitive needs by customizing each environment.

Level 2 –

Once clients can tolerate moderate noise and distraction, we integrate them into an environment that continues with a dedicated therapy space but adds a level of real world sounds and distractibility.

Level 3 –

Clients refine skills taught in level 2 by integrating into small group activities with a higher level of noise and distractibility while working on specific targets with peers on the autism spectrum.  By maintaining a 1:1 ratio, staff are able to prompt at the appropriate level while striving for independence.

Level 4 –

With a traditional school setting on the premises, clients are invited to join similar age peers in their classroom at specific times of the day to practice the skills they have mastered within a therapeutic session.  This environment is key to us knowing if the skills we have taught will transfer into the real world.