What to Expect

Team Members Include:

  • Line staff – works directly with the child.  Trained by Sonnenberg for a minimum of 20 hours (at least 40 if no previous experience).
  • Advanced line – a line staff that has extensive experience and training with multiple children.  Extra roles include organization of paperwork, data collection, training of new staff, etc
  • Senior staff – Bachelors degree (at minimum), RBT certified and over 2000 hours of direct line time.  Will oversee all line staff, develop programs (skills that need to be taught), periodically evaluate the child and develop behavior plans
  • Lead staff – Board Certified Behavioral Analysist, Clinical Psychologist and RBT certified.  Will assist senior in evaluations, behavior plans and program development.  Will oversee senior to ensure the best program is being laid out and will help troubleshoot when problems arise.


Training of Staff Members:Sonnenberg Consultants Staff Photo

  • All staff that works with the child will be at least 18 years old with a GED or high school diploma.
  • All line staff are trained in data collection, programs, behavior plans, and interaction with children.  For the best results, training occurs in and out of the home.
  • Teams will have a team meeting at least every other week to ensure consistency and proper continued training.
  • Staff may be videotaped periodically for quality control or for training purposes.

Expectations of Staff Members:

  • Seniors and/or lead staff are willing to work with schools and daycare groups to ensure generalization and consistency across all environments.
  • If a staff member requests off (or misses a shift) it is the staff’s responsibility to make up those hours.  Staff will inform the senior and parents and will reschedule a time to make it up (unless another staff member is able to fill in).
  • Staff will arrive and leave on time.  If staff needs to change their arrival or departure time, they will notify parents ahead of time.
  • Staff will always show respect of child and other household members and of the home environment.  Staff will also dress in a professional manner and will refrain from wearing offensive clothing.
  • Staff will always respect the family’s privacy.  Staff will not enter the house unannounced or at times other than scheduled.  Staff will not discuss any confidential information with anyone outside of the intensive intervention program.
  • If any team member reasonably suspects abuse or neglect, as mandated reporters, will call Child Protective Services to report.

Supervising Staff Members:

  • All line staff will be overlapped by senior staff, lead staff or a trained advanced line every month.  This level of supervision ensures that all team members are administering programs and behavior plans correctly and that all team members are “on the same page”.
  • Senior staff will overlap a minimum of 6 hrs per month and a maximum of 24 hours per month (depending on clinical recommendations).
  • Senior staff will overlap at least once a week (unless on vacation or for medical reasons).
  • Seniors will do progress reports (or treatment plans) at least twice a year and this information will be shared with parents.
  • Seniors are also willing (schedules permitting) to attend IEP’s and related evaluations.
  • Each staff member will be evaluated at least once a year.  Parents will be given the opportunity to contribute feedback for line staff.  Parents will also be asked to do yearly evaluations on the senior staff to ensure their senior is always performing at an optimal level.
  • Senior staff will always be willing to meet with parents and listen to their thoughts, goals, concerns, frustrations, etc.
  • If a parent voices a concern about lines staff to a senior, the parent can expect the problem to be resolved in a timely manner.
  • If a parent is uncomfortable with something the team is doing, if they adddress this with the senior staff member, the team will address this and try to modify the situation (if clinically appropriate).

Schedules:Sonnenberg Consultants, Wisconsin, ABA therapy treatment for Boy with Autism

  • The team will typically start out with more play and relationship building to ensure a proper bond will form with the child.  Once the child is comfortable with the staff and is reinforced by their presence, then the child will be more likely to comply and learn from the staff.
  • Senior hours will vary every week because of schedule changes for overlap, school and doctor visits, staffings and team meetings.
  • Schedules will change 3 times a year (summer, fall, spring).

Expectations of  Parents:

If there is a lack of parent involvement in the intervention program, the following actions will take place:

  • Senior will verbalize concerns to parents and lead consultant.
  • Senior and lead consultant will meet with parent(s) to discuss expectations for parent involvement.  A contract will be signed at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • If lack of improvement (determined by senior and lead), services may be terminated.

Cause for Termination of Contract:

If Sonnenberg Consultants terminates services, the parent can expect:

  • A meeting will occur and all other clinically appropriate actions will first be explored before services are terminated
  • A meeting with the child’s county supervisor will occur if appropriate.
  • Sonnenberg Consultants removing all company stimuli and property once termination is determined.
  • All data collection, program notes, daily progress notes, and programs will be left with the parent in the therapy binder.

Privacy Statement:

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