Client Testimonials

"We have had the privilege of working with Farrah Sonnenberg over the last six years. We continue to use Farrah because she truly believes that there are no limits to a child’s potential. While that is not always easy Farrah helps the family by listening and understanding what is happening in the child’s life before recommending a course of action. She has been instrumental in guiding our son through mainstreaming and adaptive school. Her input at Individual Education Plan meetings with teachers and aides has been valuable in helping their understanding of the disorder and what type of adaptive measures can improve learning. Farrah is genuinely excited and proud of the gains that are made and is quick to suggest new methods to continue growth. We would highly recommend Farrah as a highly trained professional with the communication skills to work with children and families dealing with the challenges of autism."
– The Floore Family
"I am so glad that we worked with Farrah to help John. She seemed to know exactly what he needed. She listened carefully to our staff and the entire IEP team. She was extremely professional and respectful of the different perspectives. At the same time, she effectively emphasized the critical points that she knew had to be addressed. Through our collaboration, we were able to help John and his family to be happy in school again! I am proud of the work that we did together."
– Bill Haithcock, Middle School Principal
"Matthew was nearly three years old. He had very little communications skills, little to no ability to gesture or signal a need or want, and he seldom responded to his name. There was nothing reciprocal about the things he said, if he said anything at all. Matthew wasn't deaf; he was autistic. Then Farrah entered his world. They instantly connected. Matthew's language began to emerge. he began to respond to his name and with time, even started answering questions. Before Farrah, we had read of all the criticisms of ABA. Critics wrote that it was too regimented. People complained that there was too much time spent sitting in a seat doing book work. Others said it was too automated and did not draw upon the internal motivations of the child. But Farrah's ABA was nothing like the criticisms. Most of the time, it looked more like play than like therapy. Matthew loved it. When Farrah left the house, Matthew wanted to know when she would be "Coming back to play." For a time, Matthew's first words upon awakening were "IS Farrah coming today?" Farrah was enthusiastic, exuberant and cared deeply for Matthew and his progress. She was dependable, knowledgeable and kept impeccable records of Matthew's growth. She was approachable and easy to work with. We owe much to Farrah for her work with Matthew. The fact that Matthew recently completed kindergarten in a mainstreamed classroom is a tribute to Farrah's work. We unreservedly and enthusiastically recommend consideration of Farrah's ABA approach with any autistic child."
– Tom and Becky Henderson

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